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Welcome to the 2017/2018 school year!  We have amazing things to learn together!

We have had a great first 2 days of school.We've spent some quality time getting to know each other and familiarizing ourselves with the routines of the day. We are working to develop expectations for behaviors in the community areas of our school as well as our own room. .

We have begun sharing our Me Bags which has led to some great connections between students and teachers too! It's great fun to hear about the adventures of Room 10 students new and returning. The children  are working nicely together and have already completed several cooperative tasks.

Assessments are ongoing throughout the month of September. Students will begin project work this week in the form of research and Writer's Workshop begins on Thursday. In Reading, the students have learned about Signpost #`1 and we will continue signpost lessons until we are through all six. At that point we will begin our first classroom read aloud of the year, and it is a great one! I can't wait!! 


Returning students begin modeling the preparing and sharing of Current Events at our morning meetings this week. We will generate a couple of full class Curent Events next week before students begin to be responsible for creating their own.


We will soon work on personal goal making. We will create our classroom goals for the year and then students will begin their work toward creating weekly goals and commitments.

All forms are due as soon as possible. Back to School night is September 20th and I look forward to seeing you all there.


Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about your children. They are all working hard here in Room 10 and I am so happy to be their teacher.




Have a great evening.




Julie Mountcastle










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