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Library Media Specialist and General Science




Southern Connecticut State University and University of New Haven


North Haven Public Schools - Elementary Technology Teacher

East Haven Public Schools - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Teacher 

New Haven Public Schools - Science Teacher


Hello! I am very excited to be teaching Elementary Technology Education in the North Haven Public School system! I started my teaching career as a middle school science teacher in New Haven. My love of all things science led me to my next career move as a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) teacher in East Haven. It was a wonderful learning environment for the students and myself. The hands-on lessons and critical thinking skills are so important for our 21st century learners. While I was teaching STEM, it really struck me that today's students have so much information and knowledge at their disposal, but they were not being taught how to use it in a meaningful way. This inspired me to return to school for my Library Media Specialist cross-endorsement certification at ACES. I am happy to be a part of not only teaching keyboarding and digital tools on the computer, but also how to be a responsible digital citizen in our electronic age.

I live in North Branford with my husband. We love animals, traveling and hiking. Some of our all time favorite vacation spots include Banff, Canada; Grand Cayman; the Canary Islands; and Iceland. We have two cats at the moment (prior pets included a rabbit and a leopard gecko). We volunteer for Doobert, a dog rescue organization, when there is a transport in our area. When we are not active, you can find me curled up with a book - I am a voracious reader. Fantasy adventure is my favorite genre.

 I am looking forward to being a part of my students' development as responsible digital citizens in our uber-connected world. If you have any questions about the Technical Education curriculum or any class related work, please do not hesitate to email me.

Michele Ardolino - TechnologyEducation Teacher

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